construktive-conkrete . formal . neo-geometrical

KNÖ-REI [Angela Viola Knöckel-Reinöhl]
bei der malerischen Arbeit an einem konstruktiv geometrischen Gemälde.

a square is a square, but the beauty of its geometric shape in context is always unique

the world is full of geometric poetry,

full of poetic geometry

die Welt ist voll geometrischer Poesie,

voll von poetischer Geometrie

ein Quadrat ist ein Quadrat, aber die Schönheit seiner geometrischen Form im Kontext ist immer einzigartig

| news |

25.11. - 06.12.2023

galleria de marchi | bologna . italy

trevisan international art present

“little treasures” 2023

the international art award is only awarded every 3 years. it is one of the most important art awards for concrete-constructive art in the world, with applicants from almost 50 countries

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>> leasing renting of original artworks possible

selected paintings also available through:

>> artsolitaire. - ars mundi hannover

>> singulart - paris

>> saatchi art - los angeles

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all paintings of the bauhaus series are created exclusively on order. contact me please.

| vita |

freelance artist

member of the german federal association of visual artists [bbk]

artistic development since 1978

[interior.product.urbandesign, painting]

influenced by bauhaus art and philosophy

partial studies interior design

study of analog graphicdesign & fineart

2016 foundation of 'concept formal'

2018 + 2020 study trips to bauhaus

artworks in europe, great britain, usa, japan

| awards |


international andré evard award for concrete-constructive art

- nomination -


sponsorship award of the kunstverein meißen at 'winter salon'

- nomination -

| exhibitions selected |


gallery '2. Stock' city hall | dresden

artfair ‘artmuc’ | munich

artists' association kbd | dresden


discovery artfair | frankfurt a.m.

art fair | dresden

international andré evard award | kunsthalle messmer | riegel a.k.


winter salon | kunstverein meißen


gallery im forum | saxon high court | dresden - solo -

gallery 'alte wache' | castle pillnitz - solo -

villa eschebach | volksbank dresden-bautzen eg | dresden


gallery 'kunstraum' | dresden

gallery 'galerie mitte'| dresden

artists' association kbd | dresden


gallery 'alte wache' | castle pillnitz - solo -

gallery 'kunstraum' | dresden


gallery 'diegalerie' | dresden - solo -


historic civic hall | dresden - solo -

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angela viola knöckel-reinöhl



+49 176 841 644 31

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